XIV Congreso Internacional de Protocolo y Ceremonial

Congress History

The International Congress of Protocol  has taken place in the following places:

September 1995: Oviedo

June 1997: Sevilla

September 2000: Valencia

November 2001: Palma de Mallorca

February 2004: Madrid

September 2005: Buenos Aires

November 2006: Zaragoza

November 2007: Rome (Italy)

November 2008: Campos do Jordao

October 2009: Bilbao

October 2010: Budapest

September 2011: Assumption

November 2012: San Fernando-Cádiz

October 2015: Tegucigalpa

During the twelve editions which have been held since its inception, approximately five hundred people have participated most of which have been Spanish speaking but with a significant participation of different languages and cultures, thus bringing together professionals in the protocol field to participate as speakers. As a result, the Congress has provided a place for a real debate forum and decision making.

The theme of the conference has evolved and is always adapting to the needs of the protocol field, to renew and transform it. Some of the slogans of the Congress have been "Faced with a changing world", "New techniques for a new century", "Ceremonial Protocol as a tool for successful integration in a globalizing world".

As mentioned before, all editions of the International Congress of Protocol have had a special nature in which very important issues have been addressed thanks to the people who have participated. From previous editions proposals have resulted like how to make available the International Congress on an annual basis or creating an International Protocol Institute (ICPO), which is responsible for the drafting of a code of ethics, reviewing and reforming the legislation concerning this field and many other proposals which have contributed to making protocol the profession it is today.

Because of this special nature and the good work of professionals who have been part of the International Congress of Protocol, public institutions from the outset have showed an interest and willingness to participate therefore helping and enriching its conclusions. The participation of public authorities in the inauguration of the congress have shown evident support to this field.