The Congress starts at

To begin the registration process at the XIV International Congress of Ceremonial and Protocol simply fill out the forms and send them to:

NOTA IMPORTANTE: For the visa process please visit the following site for countries that require  visa to enter the Republic of Honduras Click Aquí

Registration Dates:


pre sale

From April 20 - September 31:

General: $ 390

OICP Members: $ 350

Students: $ 275



October 1 - October 15:

General: $ 430

OICP Members: $ 380

Students: $ 300

The General Enrollment and Student Congress includes:

1. Conference Attendance

2. Welcome Reception (Thursday October 15)

3. Lunch for two days (Thursday October 15 and Friday October 16 )

4. Gala Dinner.

5. Closing Cocktail (Saturday October 17)

6. Access to Virtual Classroom Congress and Documentation

7. Visit the Palace José Cecilio del Valle (Saturday October 17)

8. Palace Tour

9. Congressman Kit: Briefcase, Mousepad, USB, Pen, Book, Card, and Certification.

10. Photography Family

Enjoy Colonial Comayagua

Hiking and Catracha Barbecue, Sunday October 18.

Comayagua is the head of the department of the same name. It is located in the center of the country and can be reached via the road north. The distance from Tegucigalpa to Comayagua is a total of 88 km (55 miles approx.).

Comayagua was the capital of the province of Honduras during the colonial era. Its architecture, filled with Spanish tile roofs and churches reflects ancestry and tradition. The jewel of the buildings is the Church of the Immaculate Conception (known as "the Cathedral") with its gold-plated altarpieces and one of the oldest clocks in America, dating back to 1100.

 Comayagua has become one of the favorite colonial destinations for tourists. With its cuisine, museums, beautiful cobblestone streets and century-old churches, Comayagua makes a perfect destination for relaxation. Come here looking for stillness and serenity. It won´t take more than a tour through the historic center to fall for the former capital of Honduras. A new and growing  cultural movement provides added value to the visit.

Comayagua is history. This city is sacred art, religious mass demonstrations, the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian and impeccable churches. Some of the activities to enjoy are visits to museums, learning about the American colonial baroque art, visit church steeples, eat delicious food or relax touring the historic center. It is a quiet and unpretentious city, despite the glory of Spain around every corner. It is the favorite destination for many tourists during weekends and holidays.

Registration Dates:


pre sale

From April 20 to August 31:

General: $ 55

OICP Members: $ 45

Students: $ 35



From 01 October to Friday 16 October:

General: $ 65

OICP Members: 55

Students: $ 45

General Student Registration and the excursion includes:

1. Bus transfers Tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa-Comayagua

2. Lunch: Catracha Barbecue

3. Cultural Events

4. Visit to the Historical Center and Cathedral of Comayagua.

5. Comayagua Tourism

6. Family Photography

Note: The tour is subject to a minimum of confirmed guests. If you need extra nights for the visit, please let us know to proceed to indicate price and availability.