Dear participants


Honduras welcomes all participants of the XIV International Congress of Ceremonial and Protocol, who will have the opportunity to share with wonderful people and learn about a rich and diverse culture.


We greet students,  officials, experts, ambassadors and entrepreneurs from different nations worldwide, who without a doubt will enjoy Tegucigalpa, as the capital of Protocol. This will be an academic experience that will allow a particular growth for each participant.


This initiative is supported by the International Organization of Ceremonial and Protocol, thus becoming the basis for the creation of the first School of Protocol in Honduras, where those who are interested can be specialized in this fundamental issue for the Country Brand.


The protocol and ceremonial are a basic part of everyday communication, so we must be prepared to ensure that our events meet the established rigor, taking into account that besides the basic knowledge we must be flexible to guarantee successful events.

I am sure that the International Congress of Protocol will be extremely rewarding, remember that today protocol is part of our daily lives.

Message from

Mrs.Hilda Hernández Alvarado